Spark aligners - you won’t believe your eyes!

As the most transparent clear aligners currently available, patients are often astounded by just how invisible Spark aligners are. What’s more, Spark aligners are easy to clean and rarely stain, keeping them as discreet as possible throughout treatment.

What are Spark aligners?

Spark aligners are ultra-thin, clear plastic trays that sit over your teeth and apply gentle but powerful pressure to your teeth. Hand-trimmed to ensure your maximal comfort and to be almost undetectable by others, Spark aligners are the perfect choice for anyone who wants discreet orthodontic treatment. Custom-made for you, they’re completely removable, so won’t interrupt or interfere with your daily oral hygiene routine or your favourite foods.

What are Spark aligners?

How do Spark aligners straighten teeth?

Your new Spark aligners will apply gentle yet efficient pressure to your teeth over time. Every two weeks, you will receive brand new Sparks aligners, adjusted a little more to guide your teeth closer to the desired final location. You won’t need to come in for lengthy appointments for brace adjustments: you can even get regular check ups from home, using our virtual monitoring system.

How do Spark aligners straighten teeth?

What will Spark aligners look like?

Spark aligners look similar to the sports mouthguards many athletes wear, but they’re much more discreet. Ultra-thin, made with machine precision and designed for ultimate comfort, Spark aligners are the most transparent clear aligners available today. Stain-resistant, they keep their completely clear appearance and are easy to clean.

What will Spark aligners  look like?

Why do patients choose Spark aligners?

Our patients tell us they love Spark aligners because they are

  • Comfortable and discreet - hand-trimmed for your mouth, they are virtually undetectable by anyone but you
  • An affordable and convenient option that saves time, since you can have virtual check ups from home
  • Accurate and powerful - Spark aligners are gentle yet efficient and patients are usually surprised by just how quickly they see initial results

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Why do patients choose  Spark aligners?